Kevin Michael Schmitz is a Celebrity Fashion Photographer, Executive Producer and TV Director Represented in Los Angeles and New York.    He is best known for the current TV Show Great Escapes: Extraordinary Places to Stay that airs to over 2 million viewers on the CW and network television in the U.S. and Europe.  Kevin Michael Schmitz is even featured as world class fashion & lifestyle photographer during 18 episodes of the TV Show and is in development on 3 new TV Shows airing in 2020 including InstaFamous, Bucket List and The Pitch. He is the Executive Producer for the most famous Music Video and Commercial Director and co-owner of EATS, the revolutionary social influence and media company. 

Having graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Photography and Masters of Fine Arts in Photography, Kevin Michael is well known as a the Director of The Photography Workshop Series, the most elite photographic educational workshop series in the world.   

Kevin Michael is a thoughtful image maker with a powerful cinematic vision.  He is a story teller that evokes an experiential lifestyle slice of life feel to his photographic and motion productions.


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